Golden Gate Bridge

RP International

The company name RP International does not derive from my initials, but was founded during a kayak trip on San Francisco Bay together with my long-time friend Chris Chouteau in 2010.

Chris and I met during a workscholar month at Esalen Institute in Big Sur 1993. As workscholars, we served the community and kept the business running. In the evenings, we had the opportunity to learn the basics of Gestalt psychology. One evening, our workshop leader asked us to describe the main elements of our personality now and in the future. And in order to really feel those, she asked us to act out the elements. One of my figures was a creative, progressive and at the same time wise man. In order to play the part, I borrowed some clothes from the other participants, which were much more colourful than those, I normally wore. One of the pieces were Chris’ "red pants".

Since then, the red pants have been the symbol for my personal and professional mission to enable human development through autonomy, self-determination and self-responsibility. Chris is still not only a very good and loyal friend of mine but one of my most important life mentors. Today, Chris lives with his wife Julie in Sausalito and San Francisco. I am very much looking forward to the next hike or canoe-trip with him.

Ralph Pesch