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Change Consulting

You will bring necessary changes to the company, your division, or your team. You will actively build upon the strengths of your corporate culture and its values in order to shape the organisation and processes of the unit you are responsible for.

You understand that HR is a key success factor for change. You will actively engage your people in the process because they are your best guarentee of success in the long run.

In cooperation with RP International you will shape the transformation smoothly and precisely. You will actively engage and successfully retain your high performers.

We offer tailor-made outplacment services for those effected by reductions in workforce, reorganization or termination. 


Ralph Pesch continously offered me new career perspectives and supported me with unwavering committment throught his vast network of contacts.


Adrian K.

Head of Digital Business in a company in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector, Dusseldorf

I highly value Mr Pesch for his natural authority and clear focus.


Katja A.

Head of Corporate Communications in a bank, Frankfurt

Through the consistent and sustained consulting efforts of Mr Pesch, I successfully changed jobs in 2017.


Dr. Alois F.

Head of Product Development in an energy supply company, Zurich

Mr Pesch strongly supported me all along the way. I sincerely thank him.


Carmen L.

Manager Learning and Development, sports article dealer, Essen

His career coaching was personal, direct and very effective.


Hans-Georg Sch.

Head of Procurement of a mid-size company of the fashion and textile industry, Albstadt

Through his efficient, results-oriented, career-consulting services, Mr Pesch supported me in finding a suitable position as a managing director.


Dr. Winfried G.

Managing Director of a mid-size company in the Freiburg region

Ralph Pesch led me through an intensive career development process in 2014 with great results.


Erik Z.

formerly Managing Director of a Business Unit in the energy sector, Essen

Ralph Pesch successfully coached senior managers and executives in my businesss unit, enhancing their leadership competence.


Michael N.

Member of the Executive Committee of a Swiss leading provider of elevators, escalators and moving walks, Ebikon

During our coaching sessions, Mr Pesch was always able to point out many alternate ways to reach my objectives.


Sindy M.

Automotive supplier, Coburg

The team development session facilitated by Ralph Pesch drove my sales team forward.


Oliver S.

Automotive supplier, Würzburg

I have known Ralph Pesch for more than 30 years and he is an individual of integrity.


Heijo H.


Being trained as gestalt therapist and having gained a great deal of practical experience as a leader, Ralph has an ideal background and qualities to work as a excellent business coach.


Michael L.


Ralph is an extraordinary individual with a lot of talent, intuition and love.


Ellen W.

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, USA

Ralph Pesch successfully teaches and guides others through his distinct technical and personal competence.


Dr. Stefan V.

former Board Member Sales, Energy company, Munich

I appreciate Ralph Pesch as an authentic and trustworthy human being. In addition, he is an excellent executive.


Wibke S.